All you need to do to make this versatile bag is knit a rectangle, sew up the sides, make and attach a cord for the strap, make a button loop, and attach a button. Voilà!

Knitting the bag

Cast on 38 sts.

Work in garter stitch until the piece measures 22 inches in length. (Remember: In garter stitch, you never have to purl; just knit every row.)

Bind off and steam lightly. (See Chapter 16 for instructions on steam blocking.) Sewing the side seams

Measure down 9 inches from one edge and fold your piece with wrong sides together.

Even though garter stitch is reversible, your cast-on edge looks different from each side. Choose the side you like better and make that side the right side.

Sew the sides closed. You should have 4 inches left over for the flap. It doesn't really matter how you sew the sides closed, but to make a neat seam, use a tapestry needle and a strand of the same yarn. We recommend that you use the basic mattress stitch for this seaming task; you can find instructions for it and other seaming techniques in Chapter 16.

Making and attaching the cord strap

You can make cords in a variety of ways. Following is a good method to get you started. (You can find other ways to make a cord later in this chapter.)

Cast on 189 sts (about 42 inches of stitches).

Work in garter stitch for 3 rows.

Bind off.

Using the same yarn you used for the bag, sew the ends of the strap to either side of the top of the bag.

Forming the button loop and attaching the button

You can make a small button loop just as you would make the cord strap — just make it shorter.

Cast on 8 sts.

Knit 1 row.

Bind off.

To attach the button loop to the bag, center the loop on the bag flap with the ends 1 inch or so apart, and attach it with yarn. Using embroidery floss or sewing thread, sew your button on the bag, making sure it's opposite the

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