Hole in One Buttonholes

Unless you plan to tie it, snap it, or leave it hanging open, you need to add buttons and buttonholes to a cardigan. Knitted buttonholes are rarely gorgeous, but with a little thought and planning you can make buttonholes that don't sacrifice good looks to workaday function.

The appearance of a buttonhole has a lot to do with how it fits into the background stitch on which it's worked. A buttonhole that looks great on stockinette fabric may look clumsy on a ribbed band, for example. Take the time to practice a buttonhole in the stitch pattern you're using. Aim to make the buttonhole and stitch pattern work together. If you plan ahead and buy your buttons before working your buttonholes, you can test your buttons in your practice buttonholes to guarantee a good fit.

Horizontal and vertical describe how a buttonhole is worked — between rows or between stitches, respectively — and/or how it looks in a finished band. Keep in mind that a vertical buttonhole is horizontal on a picked-up cardigan band.

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