How big is big Knitted measurements

Most patterns begin by listing the sizes given in the instructions. Older patterns may list them in numbered chest sizes — for example, 38 (40, 42, 44, 46). Most current patterns give sizes in the designations small (medium, large), or some combination of the two. Be sure you know your measurements before choosing the size to knit!

This is the first place you see parentheses in a knitting pattern, and it pays to notice where the size you want to make is located: before or inside the parentheses. Every time a number or measurement is given in the pattern, the one for your size will be in the same place in relation to the parentheses. For example, if the pattern is written for small, medium, and large sizes — presented "small (medium, large)" — and you're making a small, the numbers for your size will always be written first — outside the parentheses. If you're making a large, your numbers will always be last in the parentheses.

^ Before you start knitting, take the time to circle all the instructions in your size throughout the entire pattern. If you use a pencil, then you can erase the ir^ll circles when finished so you can knit the pattern in a different size without confusion.

Sweater patterns generally tell you what the finished garment should measure when laid out on a flat surface. Sometimes only the chest/bust width is given. Other times, you also find measurements for overall length, sleeve length, and/or upper arm circumference. Use this info to help you determine what size to knit.

For more information about choosing which size to make, see Chapter 15.

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