How hard is easy Level of difficulty

Many patterns tell you right away the level of difficulty the pattern writer has assigned to it. Following are the categories:

I A beginner sweater uses basic stitches (knits and purls) and involves minimal shaping and simple finishing.

I An intermediate project uses more challenging stitch patterns and/or shaping and finishing.

I An experienced or expert pattern may require all your powers of concentration. It will frequently feature tricky pattern or color work, and it may involve complicated shaping or construction details. Work on it only when you're well rested.

^ It's always a good idea to have more than one project going at a time. We recommend that you have something portable and rather brainless to give ir^ll you a feeling of accomplishment and to keep your hands going while you y^^f watch TV or wait for a Web site to load and another more challenging project to work on when you have the time and quiet to concentrate on it.

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