In This Chapter

  • Trying your hand at Fair Isle knitting ^ Painting with yarn: Intarsia ^ Weaving in ends
  • Playing around with some practice projects

J\ lmost anyone asked to imagine a sweater with color patterns can't ¥ • help but picture a classic Fair Isle sweater from the Shetland Islands. Developed off the coast of Scotland, the traditional patterns with their subtly changing color designs have become so synonymous with color knitting that the basic technique of knitting repeating color patterns is referred to as Fair Isle knitting and any repeating color pattern as a Fair Isle pattern. Other kinds of color work — namely bold picture designs with large color areas — are worked by using a different technique called intarsia.

If you can knit and purl (see Chapter 4), follow a chart (see Chapter 3), and drum up a little patience (you have to get that on your own), you can work wonderful color patterns in either technique. All you need to add to what you already know are a few simple techniques for handling the different yarns. Practice these and you're on your way to painting with yarn.

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