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  • Weaving in yarn tails
  • Blocking (shaping and smoothing) your pieces ^ Seaming your pieces together ^ Assembling a sweater

KMJ hen you finish making the various pieces of your project, whether WW it's the back and front panels of a pillow or the sleeves of a sweater, you've reached the Cinderella moment: It's time to turn those crumpled, curling, lumpy knitted pieces sprouting the odd end of yarn into smooth, flat, even pieces waiting to be joined into a beautifully crafted item. No matter what's gone before, the finishing is what makes or breaks the final product.

For people who love to knit, weaving in ends, blocking, and seaming aren't exciting because they aren't knitting. However, when you know how to finish your pieces neatly, you have the expertise necessary to make the finishing process, if not exactly a pleasure, at least a manageable interval between the end of knitting one project and the beginning of a new one. And the pleasure that comes from seeing your Fairy Godmother-powers at work will inspire kinder feelings toward this part of the process.

The purpose of this chapter is to introduce you to the techniques you need to complete the three basic finishing tasks:

I Weaving in the loose ends of yarn that you left hanging when you changed colors or when you had to start a new ball of yarn

I Blocking your knitting to smooth out your stitches and to set the shapes of your pieces

I Joining your knitted pieces together if you're making anything more complicated than a scarf or a potholder

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