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  • Decoding lace charts
  • Getting acquainted with various lace patterns ^ Enhancing garments and other projects with lace ^ Correcting your mistakes with confidence ^ Taking your lace-making skills for a test-drive tA

nitted lace is versatile. It can be the fabric of an entire garment, the edging on a sleeve, a panel down the front of a sweater, or a single motif in a yoke, to name a few ideas. In a fine yarn on a small needle, it can be intricate and delicate. Worked randomly in a heavy, rustic yarn, it can be minimalist and modern. It can be a small eyelet motif sparsely arranged over an otherwise solid fabric, or it can be light, airy, and full of holes.

And believe it or not, even beginning knitters can make lace. If you can knit and purl, knit 2 stitches together (which we sometimes do inadvertently!), and work a yarn over (explained in Chapter 6), you can make lace. The hardest thing is to keep track of where you are in the pattern (which isn't really a knitting skill . . .).

To familiarize yourself with knitted lace, sample the patterns in this chapter and look closely at your work while you do so. When you can identify a yarn over on your needle and see the difference between an ssk and a k2tog decrease in your knitting (both are explained in detail in Chapter 8), you're on your way to becoming a lace expert.

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