^^everal years ago, a major New York City department store ran a humorous ad disparaging knitting as an activity for grandmothers. The response? Ardent members of New York's Big Apple Knitting Guild took up their yarn and needles and staged a knit-in. To demonstrate that knitting isn't an activity limited to the rocking chair set but rather is an alive and timely art, a group of knitters of every age and gender gathered in the store to spend the afternoon knitting. Designer and knitter par excellence Lily Chin designed, knit, and wore a shimmering slit-to-the-thigh floor-length gown — demonstrating that more than button-to-the-throat cardigans and stiff socks can come off the needles.

Sure, grandmothers knit, but so do movie stars, football players, doctors, and lawyers. They know what all knitters know or find out soon after getting into the groove of knitting: that knitting does more than just provide you with warm and cozy things to wear. Knitting stirs creativity, gives you an ongoing sense of purpose, teaches patience, and soothes the soul. Don't believe me? Try it!

Now is a great time to learn to knit. Never before have knitters had so many lovely and imaginative yarns from which to choose and so many stylish and sophisticated patterns to work with.

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