Knittedin vertical bands

Vertical cardigan bands knitted in at the same time as the sweater are convenient and easy. No need for further finishing — you just knit to the end of the row for your front panel and continue to knit the stitches for the band. Their drawback is their lack of stability. Worked on the same size needle as the sweater body, the bands don't always make a taut edge. If you find your band less than successful, try one of the following remedies:

I Work the band in a stitch pattern with a shorter row gauge, such as a garter stitch band on a stockinette stitch body.

I Work the band on separate double-pointed needles in a smaller size (slightly awkward but doable). Just work the band on the smaller short needle, and then work the body on the larger needles. When you come back to the band, pick up the other double-pointed needle, work back and forth on the band, leave the smaller needle suspended in the band, and return to the larger needle.

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