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^ Selecting circular and double-pointed needles ^ Discovering how to cast on in circular knitting ^ Getting started by joining and working basic stitches ^ Experimenting with steek methods ^ Figuring out your gauge tA

nitting in the round, in which you knit around and around on a circular needle to create a seamless tube, is deceptively simple, and many knitters of all skill levels prefer it to flat knitting. Why? For a variety of reasons, but the two most common reasons for beginners are that knitting proceeds faster because you don't have to turn your work and that you can create stockinette stitch — a common stitch in many beginner and intermediate patterns — without having to purl. More advanced knitters, especially those who make garments (sweaters, socks, gloves, and so on), like knitting in the round because it cuts down on garment assembly. For these reasons, circular knitting is growing in popularity, and many books for beginning knitters include knit-in-the-round patterns.

This chapter explains everything you need to know to successfully knit in the round. For projects that use this technique, head to Chapters 9 and 18.

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