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When working intarsia patterns, you want to keep your yarns separate and tangle-free, a task that's definitely easier said than done. The more colors you use, the more difficult the challenge is. Knitters have come up with all sorts of solutions: Some use small balls of yarn, some use bobbins or thread cards similar to those used for organizing embroidery floss, some simply tie the yarn into butterflies (see Chapter 2). Which method you use is a personal choice — try a variety and see which one you prefer!

To practice knitting intarsia, gather yarns in two colors, MC and CC. Cast on 10 stitches in the MC. Then, with the CC, make a slip knot, slide it on the needle, and cast on 10 more stitches — for a total of 20 stitches in all. When you're ready to knit, the stitches in the CC will be the first ones to work on your needle.

To practice intarsia, follow the chart in Figure 13-7.

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