Knitting the back

Most sweater patterns instruct you to begin with the back. They tell you which needles to use to get started, how many stitches to cast on, and what stitches to begin with. This section offers helpful advice on getting off to a good start.

At Get into the habit of keeping track of how many rows you've knit as you work y^JL the sweater back (and front). Why? Because if the back and front match row ir^ll for row, you can sew them together using the mattress stitch (explained in Chapter 16). Using safety pins, pin the first stitch from which you want to count. Then, as you knit, stop every once in a while, count 20 rows, and pin the next stitch. If you pin a stitch every 20 rows, it's easy to keep track of the row number, and you won't have to count from the very beginning each time.

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