Log Cabin Swatch Pot Holder

Who doesn't need pot holders? Wool's natural ability to insulate makes it a great choice for this gift . . . just don't choose acrylic or other fiber blends that may melt. The pot holder is fast and easy to make — you can even make it from existing swatches. The charming edges in the style of a log cabin quilt pattern tie the whole thing together.


I Yarn: 100% wool; enough yarn to knit two pattern swatches from elsewhere in the book (cables and other dense patterns are best — no lace, please!), or two existing swatches and 50-60 yards extra yarn for finishing edge

I Needles: Needles in size used for swatches or one size smaller, plus two similarly sized dpns for I-cord; yarn needle for weaving in ends


Knit two swatches of the same size (preferably at least 4 x 4 inches or larger). If you already have two in your knitting basket, grab those. Then follow these instructions to finish the potholder:

  1. Place the swatches back to back, with the right sides facing out and cast-on edges aligned.
  2. Place your LH needle through the first stitch on the first swatch and then the first stitch on the second swatch.
  3. Insert your RH needle and knit this stitch.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have picked up all the stitches on the first edge, joining the two swatches together at one side.

This technique is almost like a cross between picking up stitches and the three-needle bind-off, but without the binding off!

  1. Knit 1 inch and bind off.
  2. Turn swatch on its side and repeat Steps 2 through 5 on the second edge.
  3. Repeat Step 6 on the third and fourth edges.
  4. When all edges are covered, use dpns to knit 3 inches of I-cord, and stitch it to one corner as a loop to hang up the pot holder.

If you like bold colors, change your yarn color with each new picked-up edge of the potholder.

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