Open cable

Not all cables are worked on the same stitches over and over. Using basic cabling techniques, you can cross stitches over the background as well to make open cables (sometimes called traveling cables). Picture the strands of a basic rope cable separating and moving away from each other and then returning and twisting around each other again, as in Figure 11-3.

Counting cable rows

Get used to counting the rows between cable crossings and you won't have to rely on your memory. (It's always good to have an alternative to memory.) Look carefully at the turning row: If the cable crosses to the right, you should see a small hole created by the pull of the stitches just to the left of the cable crossing. (You may have to stretch the knitting vertically a bit to see it.) If the cable crosses to the left, the hole is on the right. Just below the hole is a horizontal running thread stretching between the last crossed stitch and the background. The following figure shows you what to look for.

Starting with the running thread above the hole, count up running threads to determine the number of rows worked since the last turning row. Alternatively, you can follow the thread to the stitch it connects to — the knit stitch in the cable or the purled stitch in the background. Starting with the stitch above the connected stitch, count up to and include the stitch on the needle for the number of rows worked. If you're working a 6-stitch cable and you count 6 running threads or stitches, you're ready for a turning row.

Knitting Open Work With Description

To work an open cable, you simply cross stitches as in a basic cable, but instead of crossing stockinette stitches over stockinette stitches, you cross stockinette stitches over one or more background (usually purl) stitches. You can open a cable and have the strands move away from each other by using the same crossing technique used for the 6-stitch rope cable in the preceding section.

The open cable pattern in Figure 11-3 consists of a panel of 11 stitches. The point at which they cross is simply a 4-stitch cable turning row. To knit this open cable, you need two new techniques:

1 Back cross: Sl next p stitch to cn and hold in back, k2, p the stitch from the cn.

1 Front cross: Sl next 2 sts to cn and hold in front, p1, k2 from cn. Knit the open cable pattern as follows: Cast on 11 sts.

Row 2: P3, sl next 3 sts to cn (1 p st and 2 k sts) and hold in back, k2, sl next p st back to LH needle and p it, k2 from cn, p3.

Rep Rows 1-12.

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