Practicing twohanded Fair Isle knitting

When you use both hands to knit Fair Isle, you carry one yarn in your right hand and the other yarn in your left hand, alternating between them as the color pattern dictates.

ë Carry the dominant color in your dominant hand. If you normally knit

English style, for example, carry the main color (MC) in your right hand and the contrasting color (CC) in your left hand. You always use English style to knit the yarn off your right hand, and you use Continental style to knit the — yarn off your left hand.

Figure 13-5:

Change colors on the purl side by bringing the yarn over(a)or under (b).

No matter which method you use, ensure your floats aren't too tight. If you're consistent in your knitting (always carrying the MC in your dominant hand), two-handed Fair Isle eliminates most of the over/under worries when stranding.

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