Sculpt your piece while its wet

  • If your design has a ribbed border, decide how much you want the rib to hug you. If you want it to pull in as much as possible, keep the rib compressed. If you want it to pull in only slightly or to hang fairly straight, pin it out completely to the width of the piece.
  • If you're blocking a cabled or highly textured piece, pinch and mold the contours of the cable crossings to highlight their three-dimensional qualities.
  • If your piece is lace, spread out the fabric so that the openings are really open.
  • If the bottom edge of your piece is scalloped or pointed, pin out the waves or points.

8. Go away and start another sweater while this one dries.

Drying may take a day or so.

If you're in a hurry, you can get your piece to dry in a matter of hours by placing a fan in front of it. The bigger the fan, the quicker the piece dries. A window fan does the trick in no time.

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