So happy together Keeping your buttons buttoned

Cardigan instructions simply tell you to sew on your buttons opposite the buttonholes. But a couple of refinements will help your buttons stay snuggly in their holes and keep your bands lined up neatly.

I To place a button for a vertical buttonhole: Center both the button and the buttonhole along the center lines of the front bands. Then plot your button/buttonhole pair so that the center of the button lines up with the top corner of the buttonhole. This placement will discourage the button from sneaking free.

I To place a button for a horizontal buttonhole: Don't center both the buttons and buttonholes in the center of their respective bands. When you button your sweater, the button won't stay centered in the hole; instead, the bands will pull apart until the button catches in the corner of the buttonhole. Avoid this sliding problem by positioning the button away from the center, toward the outer edge of the band. When you button up, your bands will remain aligned one on top of the other.

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