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^ Incorporating stripes into your project ^ Mastering textured and colored stripes ^ Trying out some projects involving stripes

■ f you can knit and purl (see Chapter 4 for how-to info), you already have the skills to knit stripes. If your mind goes straight to prison jumpsuits or kiddie rompers, take heart: Stripes can be as subtle and elegant or as loud and crazy as you want them to be. The key is knowing how to create the desired effect, and that's exactly the kind of information you find in this chapter. Here you discover how to create textured stripes and stripes of many (or a few) different colors. And because knowing a couple of easy tricks can make stripe patterns easier, we share them, too.

Now is the time to get out that collection of odd balls of yarn culled from the sale bin of your favorite yarn shop and the bits and pieces of leftovers you've saved. Color patterns in general and stripe patterns in particular are great ways to incorporate your precious collection into an original project.

This chapter explains how to knit horizontal stripes. If you want vertical stripes, a ribbed stitch pattern is just the thing. See Chapter 5 for info on common ribbed patterns and Appendix A for some more complex selections.

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