Switching needles when its time

Many sweaters use smaller needles for cuffs, hems, and necks, and larger needles for the body. The instructions tell you when to change to the larger or smaller needles. At the change row, simply knit the next row with one of the smaller (or larger needles). Here's an example from a pattern:

With smaller needles and the MC, cast on 101 (107, 117, 125) sts. Work k1, p1 rib for 3/2 inches.

Change to larger needles and work in St st until piece measures 12/2 (13, 13, 13/2) inches from beg.

In this example, to switch needles you work to the end of the change row and knit the next row using one of the larger needles. Essentially, you're knitting from the smaller needle to the larger one. At the end of this row, the stitches are now on the larger needle, and the smaller needle is empty. Put aside the smaller needles and continue on in the stitch pattern(s) given in your pattern with the larger needles.

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