Taking the Mystery Out of Patterns and Gauge

In This Chapter

  • Making sense of knitting pattern lingo ^ Reading written and chart-style patterns ^ Taking time to get the right gauge
  • Xou can knit — and enjoy it — for years without ever cracking a knitting JL book or learning about gauge, but unless you have a mentor who can help you increase your repertoire and fine-tune your technique, you'll be limited as to what you can create. Simple scarves and plain afghans can inspire you for only so long. Eventually, you'll want to branch out and try new things, and you'll find your inspiration in the many knitting books and magazines that are out there.

But to recreate those things — the lacework shawls, the finely shaped garments, the argyle socks, or the cabled jackets — you need to know how to decode instructions and how to control the sizing of a knitted piece. Fortunately, this chapter is devoted entirely to those topics.

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