Thumb or eloop caston

The thumb cast-on is quick and easy, but it doesn't look as nice as the cable cast-on, and it isn't easy to knit into. Two-strand and cable cast-ons should be your first choice for beginning a project. Still, the thumb cast-on (sometimes called e-loop) has its uses (such as for replacing cast-off stitches in a buttonhole or for a quick and easy increase stitch in the middle of a row), so knowing how to do it is worthwhile. If you're using the cast-on at the beginning or in the middle of an existing row, skip Step 1.

1. Make a slip knot on your needle, leaving a short tail.

Refer to the section, "Two-strand (or long-tail) cast-on," for help making a slip knot.

  1. Wrap the yarn around your left thumb, as in Figure 4-5a, and hold the needle in the right hand.
  2. Insert the needle through the loop around your thumb (see Figure 4-5b), slide your thumb out, and pull gently on the yarn strand to tighten the stitch (see Figure 4-5c).

Figure 4-5:

Working a thumb cast-on.

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