Two Needles a Ball of Yarn and a Little Knowhow

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^ Exploring the many reasons to knit ^ Getting a quick overview of what you need ^ Collecting tips for how to best learn knitting from a book tA

Wk nitting is a relatively simple process requiring minimal tools — two needles and a ball of yarn. Its basic structure of interlocking loops couldn't be less complicated. Yet the possibilities for design and pattern innovation are endless. Knitting has more than cozy socks and colorful sweaters to offer; it's also an excellent way to mitigate some of the stresses and frustrations of day-to-day life.

This chapter introduces you to knitting — what it is and what it takes, why it's so darn good for you, and how to best go about learning to knit from a book. With the info you find in this chapter and the skills you pick up in the others, you'll be able to explore with confidence the myriad things you can do with two needles and a ball of yarn.

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