I Work the chart throughout the bag every 4 rows instead of working it between stripes. Use the same background color throughout, and change the triangle colors every 4 rows. Or, work the chart pattern every 4 rows, changing triangle and background colors on each repeat.

I Turn the bag into a hat by casting on 51 stitches. Work in the triangle pattern until the piece measures 8 inches from the beginning. End with 6 rows of garter stitch, as in the bag. Work a second piece the same way. Seam the top and sides. Sew tassels or pompoms to the corners.

I Turn the bag into a pillow. For a 12-inch pillow, cast on 57 stitches. Work in one or more of the sampler patterns or the triangle pattern until the piece measures 12 inches, and bind off. For the back of the pillow, cast on (or pick up along the bound-off edge) another 57 stitches. Work until this piece is 8 inches from the beginning, and bind off. To make the second 8-inch back piece, cast on (or pick up along the cast-on edge of the front piece) another 57 stitches, work until the piece measures 8 inches, and bind off. Then sew the loose seams, overlapping the back pieces at the center of the square. Insert a 12-inch pillow form.

Intarsia Pillow

This pillow uses a simple Native American motif. When made in hand-spun and plant-dyed yarn from La Lana Wools in Taos, New Mexico, the combination of pattern and yarn have the feel of a woven Navajo rug.

Materials and vital statistics I Measurements: 14 inches x 14 inches

I Yarn: Obverse Blend Worsted Weight (60% wool/40% mohair); approximately 80 yards per 56 grams

  • MC: Apassionata; 4 skeins
  • CC: Monet; 1 skein

You can substitute similar yarns in your favorite colors. I Needles: One pair of size US 9 (5/2 mm) needles I Other materials: One 14 x 14-inch pillow form I Gauge: 14 stitches and 18 rows per 4 inches (3% sts per inch)

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