Varying a cable

Even the simplest cable lends itself to variation. Here are some ideas to try when you're in an experimental mood (keep some graph paper nearby):

I Change the width of the cable strands.

I Play around with the number of rows between turning rows.

I Change the background stitch. Instead of stockinette stitch, work the cable on garter stitch, seed stitch, moss stitch, or something else.

I Work one cable strand in a different color (see Chapter 13 for coverage of intarsia knitting).

I Work one cable strand in a different pattern stitch.

I Work a twist (essentially a mini cable) in one of the strands; see the later section, "Making Twists," for a how-to.

I If you work an open cable with strands that travel out and in, consider the opening a little frame and put something in it — a different pattern stitch, a bobble (see Appendix A), or some embroidery, for example.

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