Weaving as you go The quick method

It's possible to work in ends as you go by using the technique for weaving in floats described in the "Catching floats" section earlier in this chapter. Doing so saves you enormous amounts of finishing time if you have many ends to finish off. However, this method has its drawbacks. Too frequently, the color you've ended shows through the stitches in the new color field and looks sloppy. And the two ends lying together along the wrong side can be bulky and sometimes throw off the tension. But if your design uses many colors, these little glitches are hardly noticeable from a few feet away — and how many people really get within a few feet of you in a typical day? The intricacy of the design will distract from any imperfections.

To weave in the ends where you change colors, drop the old color and work 2 stitches in the new color, leaving the ends at least 3 inches long. After the second stitch, hold both ends together and weave them on the wrong side for several stitches (refer to Figure 13-6 to see how to catch floats). Later, you can snip the ends K inch or so from the sweater.

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