Wet blocking identical pieces

When you're blocking two pieces that should be identical — cardigan fronts and sleeves, for example — lay them out side by side if you have enough space, and either measure back and forth or line them up on symmetrical gridlines for comparison. Figure 16-7 shows you how to line up cardigan fronts.



Figure 16-7:

Block cardigan fronts.

If you're short on blocking space, you can lay out fronts and sleeves one at a time on top of each other to ensure that they'll be identical when dry. When they're still damp, but not dry, move the top piece off and lay it down gently to the side for the last stages of drying.

ir If you decide to block one piece at a time, it's still possible ensure that your pieces are blocked to identical dimensions. Block the first piece according to ir^ll the dimensions on your diagram. When it's dry, before taking it off the board, stick straight pins into the blocking board to mark the outline of the piece you're removing. Put them in at the bottom right and left corners and the top right and left corners to show the corners of the outline. Then lay down the next piece within the parameter of the pins.

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