These small funnels of fabric, open at one end and knitted into the background fabric, look like small bells. Start by casting on stitches between two stitches of background fabric which is usually reverse stockinette (stocking) stitch and shape them by decreasing the cast on stitches over several rows.

Bell over 6 sts with 5 sts of rev st st each side.

Cast on 10 sts and work 2 rows in rev st st.

Row I (RS) P5, cast on 6 sts using the cable cast on method (see page 24), p5.

Row 11 P4, p2tog (last st of bell and I st of rev st st), p5. Row 12 KIO.

The bell can be made bigger by casting on more stitches. Always shape the bell by working pairs of decreases (see pages 28-9). Bells can be worked singly, in rows or as an all-over pattern.

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