A knitting pattern will tell you to work the button band before the buttonhole band.This is because you can use the button band to work out how many buttons you need and how they will be spaced. Lie the piece flat and place a pin at the position of the top and bottom buttons.These should be lA\n (1.5cm) from the ends. Using a tape measure, place pins to mark the positions of the remaining buttons. Make sure they are spaced evenly by counting the rows or stitches between the pins.To decide on the size of buttonhole to use, work a few samples of different buttonholes on a sample of the border stitch. Small garments like lacy cardigans or summer tops will look better with several small buttons than a few large ones, while a heavy cabled garment is better with fewer larger buttons.

"or small buttons Make the buttonhole using a yarn over with a corresponding decrease. On a band worked in rib or moss stitch, try to space the buttonholes so that the yarn over is worked in place of the purl stitch and the decrease is worked with the knit stitch on top. For example, opposite the button marker on a right side row, work a kl, yo, k2tog.This will give a neater finish.

For large buttons Work the buttonhole by binding (casting) off two or three stitches on a right side row and then casting them back on in the next row.

For example, on a band picked up and worked horizontally along the edge of a cardigan, you would work to one stitch before the marker bind (cast) off three stitches, work to one stitch before the next marker and work another buttonhole and so on to the end of the row. The marker marks the centre of the buttonhole, so by working to one stitch before the marker, the centre of the buttonhole will be in the right position. On the next row, work to the bound (cast) off stitches, turn the work and cast on three stitches using the cable cast on method (see page 24). Before placing the final stitch on the left-hand needle, bring the yarn to the front between the needles; this stops a loop being formed which makes the buttonhole look untidy. Don't cast on too tightly, the stitches need to be as elastic and as wide as those on the bound (cast) off edge.Turn the work back and continue across the row to the next buttonhole. It looks neater if you plan to work the buttonholes in the same place in the rib. For example, bind (cast) off three stitches over k I, p I, k I each time.

To sew on buttons, either use the same yarn, if it is thin enough to go through the button, or use a strong sewing thread in a matching colour

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