Designing with mitred squares

The basic square forms a mitred corner, work two together and a rectangle is formed. Work three together and an L shape is made; work four together and a complete mitred square is made. For a rectangle, cast on twice the number of stitches for the basic square (2 x 19 sts = 38 sts), for an L shape cast on three times the stitches and for a complete square cast on four times the stitches. Place a slip marker every 19 stitches to show you where one square ends and the next begins. Work each 19 stitches as a basic square; do not work a slip stitch on the inside edges of the individual squares; work it to match the main fabric.

To complete the square, either sew it closed or pick up stitches along each edge towards the middle and use the three needle seam bind (cast) off (see page 25).

Combining different shapes together in various ways (above and left, for example) can make interesting patchwork patterns. You can plan it on paper first or just start knitting.

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