Work as given for back until front is 16 rows less than back to shoulder shaping, ending with a p row.

Instead of repeating all the same instructions, work exactly as you did for the back, using the same methods of decreasing and increasing. In many patterns this is given as a measurement. Make sure you work the same number of straight rows at the waist and below the underarm. On the back, place a marker 16 rows down from the first row of bind (cast) off stitches at the shoulders. Count the number of rows from the last decrease at the armhole to this marker, and work the same number of rows on the front. Sewing the garment together is made much easier if the side and armhole seams have the same number of rows.

Shape neck

Next row K29 [31:33] sts. join in a 2nd ball of yarn and bind (cast) off centre 21 [23:25] sts. k to end. Working both sides at the same time, dec I st at neck edge on foil I I rows. 18 [20:22] sts at each side. Work 4 rows straight ending at armhole edge (work I now more on left side of neck).

Patterns vary on how they tell you to work the neck shaping.This pattern tells you to work both sides at the same time, by joining in a second ball of yarn. Working both sides at once ensures that they will be the same. In some other patterns, the left side is worked first and the right side is worked as a mirror image of it Use the same method as before to decrease.


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