Joining in a new colour

1 Insert the tip of the right-hand needle 2 Take the working end of the new

into the next stitch, place the cut end (4in/1 Ocm from the end) of the new colour over the old colour and over the tip of the right-hand needle.

colour and knit the next stitch, pulling the cut end off the needle over the working end as the stitch is formed so it is not knitted in. Hold the cut end down against the back of the work.

To continue...

The old and new colours will be twisted together, preventing a hole and you can carry on using the new colour. Leave the cut end dangling to be sewn in later or continue weaving it in (see page 49).

On a purl row, join in a new colour in the same way, twisting the yarns together on the wrong side of the work.

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