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y Always test samples of coloured knitting such as fair isle and intarsia to make sure all the yarns are colourfast.

y Fulling only works on 100 per cent wool; work a sample before you knit your project to make sure your yarn will full.

y Fulled fabric can be cut and sewn like a woven fabric. The stitches will not fray or unravel. Garments that are too large can be taken in with darts or tucks or shortened by cutting off the bottom edge and finishing it with blanket stitch.

y Start by hand fulling, it is easier to control, ft will be more work but you will not run the risk of ruining your project in the washing machine. Wear gloves to protect your hands from the hot water and soap.

y Brush the surface of the knitting when dry with a stiff brush; use a gently pulling or lifting action rather than a vigorous back and forwards motion.

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