Knit Perfect

y The edge stitches are important whatever fabnc you are working, slip the last stitch purlwise with the yam at the front of the work and knit the slipped stitch on the return row. If the penultimate stitch is a knit you will have to bnng the yarn forward between the needles. If it is a purl stitch, the yarn will be in the correct position. Always knit the slipped stitch on the next row, the yarn will be in the knit position to remind you.

/ Mitred squares look best when worked in many colours. Either choose a multi-coloured yarn or make your own by tying yard (metre) lengths of different coloured yarns together. It is a great way to use up leftover yarn.

y With a multi-coloured yarn it is unnecessary to cut the yarn between each square. Use the last stitch of one square as the first stitch of the next. Keeping one yarn going makes the placement of the squares more random and your knitted piece will grow organically rather than in a planned manner y Weave any ends in as you go (see page 49).

y Try a different decrease, instead of si I -k2tog-psso work sk2po or, for an unbroken chain stitch running up the centre, sl2tog-k I -psso.

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