Knit row of squares

On this row. there are no side triangles to work.

right side

First square

Slip the first st on to the right-hand needle then with the nght side of the work facing, pick up and knit 7 sts evenly along the edge of the right side triangle and turn. 8 sts.

Rows I and 2 P7. si I purlwise and turn, k7 (including si st of previous row), ssk (last st of square and next st on left-hand needle to join pieces together) and turn. Rep these 2 rows 6 times more.

Rows 15 and 16 P7, si I purlwise and turn, k7, ssk and do not turn. All sts of the square in the row below have been used.

Second and third squares

With right-hand needle and right side of work facing, pick up and knit 8 sts along edge of next square in row below and turn. Work as given for first square.Then work a third square the same. Turn. Work a purl row of squares from ** to ** again, working into the squares of the previous row instead of the base triangles.To finish the piece, a row of triangles has to be worked to give a straight top edge.

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