Instead of the extra stitches being made all at once as for a bobble, two stitches at a time are increased on every right side row either side of a central stitch. They are usually created by a yarn over. The leaf is then decreased by working a pair of decreases on every right side row until three stitches remain, then a central decrease is worked to return to the original one stitch. The leaf is not worked separately but the extra stitches are worked into each row across the fabric. Leaves are usually worked on reverse stockinette (stocking) stitch or garter stitch.

Simple leaf worked up to a width of 7 stitches with 5 sts of rev st st each side.

Cast on I I sts and work 2 rows in rev st st.

Row I P5, yo, kl, yo, p5. Row 2 K5. p3, k5. Row 3 P5, kl, yo. kl, yo, kl, p5. Row 4 K5, p5, k5.

Row 5 P5, k2, yo, kl, yo, k2. p5.The leaf now has 7 sts.

Row 9 P5, ssk, k I, k2tog, p5. Row 10 K5.p3.k5. Row 11 P5, sl2tog-k I -psso, p5. Row 12 K to end.

Make a bigger leaf by working more increase rows. Make a more solid leaf by working MI instead of yo.The leaf can be sloped to the right or left by working a decrease on one side in the rev st st and an increase on the other side in the rev st st.

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