Using size 3 (3.25mm/UKI0) needles, pick up and k22 sts down left side of neck. 21 [23:25] sts across front neck. 22 sts up right side of neck and 42 [44:46] sts across back neck. 107 [I I 1:1 15] sts.

Work 5in (12.5cm) rib as given for back. Bind (cast) off loosely in rib.

To pick up stitches neatly see page 68.

Join shoulder and neckband seam. Set in sleeves. Join side and sleeve seams.

To set the sleeve into the armhole, pin the centre of the sleeve cap to the shoulder seam and each end to the beginning of the armhole shaping. Sew both sets of bound (cast) off stitches together at the beginning of the sleeve and armhole shaping. Pin the remaining sleeve cap around the armhole, easing any fullness in evenly.

Size diagrams

Size diagram measurements

18 [20:22]in (46 [5l:56]cm) 16'A [I8^:20^]in (42 [47:52]cm) 18'A [20!4:22^]in (47 [52:57]cm) 22'A [23:23 !^]in 57 [58.5:60]cm) 2in (5cm) Kin (35.5cm)

8 [8^:8^]in (20.5 [21:21.5] cm) 3'A [3!4:4]in (8.5 [9:IO]cm) 3in (7.5cm)

4 [4k4!^]in (10 [I 1:1 l.5]cm) 8 [8!^:9]in (20.5 [21,5:23.5]cm) 20'A [21:21 !^]in (52 [53.5:54.5]cm) 12 [13:l4]in (30.5 [33:35.5]cm) 5^[6:6^]in(l4[l5:l6.5]cm) 4in (10cm)


This basic sweater pattern can be used as the basis for various adaptations such as adding a central lace or cable panel.

Turtleneck fitted sweater knitted in worsted (DK) weight merino wool on size 6 (4mm/UK8) needles. See pages 64-7 for pattern.


It is the finishing details which can make all the difference to the look of a garment - picking up stitches evenly, sewing up invisibly and making the correct size buttonholes all give the final professional touch.

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