Picot bind cast off

This is a pretty, decorative finish used when the bind (cast) off edge is part of the design, for example across the top of a pocket or around a collar.

1 Using the simple bind (cast) off method cast off two stitches (see page 20).

2 Slip the stitch on the right-hand needle back to the left-hand needle and. using the cable cast on method, cast on two stitches (see left).

3 Bind (cast) off four stitches.These are the two stitches just cast on and the next two stitches of the bind (cast) off edge.

To continue...

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until only one stitch remains on the right-hand needle. Cut the yarn, pull it through the last stitch and draw up tightly.

The picots can be spaced wider apart by binding (casting) off five or more stitches.

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