Reading a chart

Fair isle patterns are worked from charts. One square represents one stitch and one line of squares represents one row.The rows will be numbered, knit rows (right side rows) will be odd numbers and are read from right to left; purl rows (wrong side rows) are even numbers and are read from left to right.

Start knitting from the bottom right-hand corner of the chart. The whole garment may not need to be charted; many fair isle patterns have a small repeat.The chart will tell you which stitches to repeat. On each side of the pattern repeat there may be extra stitches that are only worked once. These balance the pattern, to make sure that it is the same at both side seams.

Colour charts show the actual yarn colours whilst on black and white charts each colour is represented by a symbol. A key is given with the chart to show which symbol or colour represents which colour yarn.

Repeat these 20 stitches 3 times

Repeat these 20 stitches 3 times

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