Seam bind cast off

This is used to join two edges with the same number of stitches. It is often used for shoulder seams where the stitches have been left on stitch holders. You need three needles for this method.

1 Slip each set of stitches on to a needle, place together with right sides facing and hold in the left hand.

2 Insert the third (right-hand) needle through both sets of stitches and draw a loop through, knitting the stitches together Repeat for the next set of two stitches.

Using the simple bind (cast) off method (see page 20). bind (cast) off stitches on the right-hand needle.

V«V < % V V*

  • lt; » * * « » 4 » * ' 4 4 ' 1 ' * * * * < » «
  • gt;' k V . ,

With right sides together the bind (cast) off seam will be inside the garment; with wrong sides facing it will be a decorative seam on the outside as shown above.

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