Short Rows

Short rows are partially knitted rows; the work is turned before the row is completed and the same stitches are worked back across. This results in there being two more rows at one side of the fabric than at the other. Short row knitting is also called turning, or partial knitting.

The technique is commonly used for shaping sock heels, known as turning a heel. On each turning row one less stitch is worked and then, to turn the heel, you work one more stitch each turning row until you are back to your original number of stitches.

On a knit row

Short Row Knitting

1 Knit to the turning point slip the next stitch knitwise on to the right-hand needle and bring the yarn forward between the needles to the right side of the work.

2 Slip the slipped stitch back to the right-hand needle and take the yarn back to the knit position.Turn the work as though at the end of a row.The slipped stitch has been wrapped and it has a bar across it. Purl back across the row.

To hide the bar-

When you knit back over the turning point and the wrapped stitch you can knit it into the fabric to hide it. Work to the wrapped stitch. Insert the tip of the right-hand needle into the bar and the wrapped stitch, and knit them together.The bar will be knitted in and not show on the fabric. Alternatively you can leave the bar as it is.

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