Simple bobble of five stitches

A bobble is a round button of fabric, larger than a popcorn, made by increasing stitches and working a few rows on these stitches before decreasing.There are many ways to create a bobble and the pattern instructions will tell you the kind of bobble to work

1 To make five stitches from one stitch (knit into the front of the next stitch, then knit into the back of it) twice, then knit into the front of the same stitch again. Slip the original stitch from the left-hand needle.

2 (Turn the work and purl these five stitches, turn the work and knit the same five stitches) twice.

3 To decrease the five stitches back to one stitch, with the tip of the left-hand needle, pull the second, third, fourth and fifth stitches over the first stitch and off the needle.

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