Caring for Your Finished Knit 15 Basic Patterns and Color Changes 30 Binding Off in Kitchener Rib 46 Intarsia Patterns 146 Shortened Rows for Slanted Patterns 148 Crocheted and Knitted Bobbles 166 Duplicate Stitch and Embroidery 168 Perfect Details 52 Practical Tips 176 Bands, Hems, Ribbing 54 Measurements and Patterns 178 Knit-on Facings 60 Converting Patterns 182 Knit-in Facings 66 Lengthening and Shortening Pieces 184 Sewn-on Facings 70 Tips for Ribbings 186 Crocheted Edges 73 Dropped...


Thanks to the Schachetunayr Company for their Helpful support of this book, and for working the clothes and knitting patterns. The designs are by Elisabeth K pft 1 and Barbara Schreyer 4 . Drawings Sigrid Witzig, Hamburg Cover design Dirk Lieh Translation Ellen Riemschnieder in loving memory of Jim Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Urania-Ravensburger. English Big book of knitting by Katharina Buss, p. cm. ISBN 0-8069-6203-8 1. Knitting. I. Title. TT820.B97 1999 746.43'Z dc21