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A collection of designs for hand knitting by JO SHARP Published by Jo Sharp Pty Ltd A. C. N. 056 596 439 P.O. Box 357 Albany WA 6331, Australia email yarn 2000, All rights reserved Printed in Australia The Taunton Press, Inc. 63 South Main Street P.O. Box 5506 Newtown, CT 06470-5506 email tp

General Pattern Instructions

At the start of each pattern, the required tension is given. Before beginning, it is most important that you knit a tension square. Using the stitch and needles specified in pattern, cast on 40 sts and knit approx. 40 rows. Lay work flat and without stretching, measure 10cm both vertically and horizontally with a ruler. Mark with pins. Count the stitches and rows in between the pins, these should match the required tension. If not, you will need to change needle size. Smaller needles will bring...


Andrew Stumpfel

BOOKS amp VIDEOS for fellow enthusiasts Distributed by Publishers Group West ISBN 1-56158-443-6 Creative Director Jo Sharp Garment Design Jo Sharp, Leanne Prouse. Knitting Norma Beard, Janet Best, Wendy Carmen, Sonia Charewicz, Lyn Charlesworth, Margaret Cusick, Janice Darrah, Helena Dehaan, Lily De Roost, Francesca Greaves, Jenny Green, Carolyne Greeney, Betty Hawkins, Hazel Heggie, Klaudia Krajnc, Sheila Min, Sylvia Ovens, Leanne Prouse, Marilyn Theisel Photography Jo Sharp, Andrew Markovs....