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Heirloom ButtonsHeirloom Buttons

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Heirloom Buttons
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Heirloom Buttons


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Heirloom Buttons

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To anile the Soho twist, ribbon is looped, twisted. and stitchcd directly to the button mold to creatc a beautiful and unusual button

To make the sample in ecru on p ¡03, you II need

  • halMome commercial button mold
  • silk fabric
  • V-m. stik ribbon
  • quilling thread
  • needle.

Begin by covering the mold with silk fabric to match >xmr ribbon (follow instructions on pp KMl V Use two or three layers of fabric, if necessary, to cover the mold completely.

To an< hor your thread and position the center of the flower take a small stitch through the fabnc at the cerv ler of the mold Lay the tail of the silk ribbon at center and take one stitch on each side of the ribbon. Make .t rvin circular loop in the rthbon and stitch again on each side. Make one twist in I he ribbon, keeping a \C-ni high loop I ay this loop next to the center kx>p and stitch it in place with one stitch on the <idc toward the outer edge of the mold, as shown in the drawing ai right Continue twisting and stitching, laying the twists down tn an outward spiraling pattern and always keeping about a Win high loop in the ribbon At the end. cut the ribbon, fold the end under Vv in.. and stitch it in place.


Twisting Ribbons Drawings

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Rosette ESS

This button looks compJkated (sec p. 103), but it's one of the easiest to make. The sample I've made is formed from a loop braid thai has loops stitched together near one edge, these braids are sometimes easier to find in upholstery scores than in fabric stores. If you can't find a loop braid in a color you want. an> 1-in, wide ribbon tan be gathered i>r pleated and substituted for the loop braid.

To make (ht sample in lau nder on p. ¡03. you ¡1 nerd:

  • 1-yd. of loop braid. V: in. to 1 in. wide
  • thread
  • buckram (optional)
  • needle.

Roll the braid into a circular snail shape and stitch u together about every V* In. along the stitching li ne of the braid. When the circle ts the size you want for your finished button, cut the braid, and stitch the tail under If the button ts firm enough, add the back you want, and you're done If you need a firmer base, stitch or glue a circle of buckram to the base, or sew-on a covered commercial back if you need a slunk

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