Mold Of Double Soutache Ring Button

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continue wrapping the braid wraps will )ust louch on the inside ol the rings There will be gaps where the rings show on the outside I find that |4 wraps »Ju$t right for most soutache, although you may need one more wrap or one fewer, depending on the braid. For example, metallic soutache is very Miff, so v\)u will need at least one fewer wraps.

Wrap the braul around ihc rings a second time wtth the same or a different color *o that the braid just touches on the inside-«i\rdapping the first rotmd-and fills cite gaps on the outside. Pull the braid firmly down into the gap so that it rests on the ring» Wrap all the way around If you want a braid knot in center, do ncM cut ihc tail Instead, stitch the tail down whciv it Uuieho the ring on the buck If you want ¡1 dilfereni center, cut ibe tail to 1 in and stitch down.

For a braid knot in tenter, bring the braid up through the center hole Make three loose k not* that just touch each other, working each knot down to the ccnier of the ring as it is formed Pull the tail through the hole to the back, stopping just as the knots wedge in the hole. If sour knots don't fill the hole, pull ihc tail back «0 the top and make another knoL With thread and needle. stitch the tail down securely inside the rings Stitch each knot tn place where u touches .1 wrap around the rings. Complete the button with a corned commercial back or a thread b;iiik

Wrapped Braid Buttons

Wrapped braid buttons use either an Vwrap or a modlltcd X-wrap with six or eight points The modified .Vwrap is often expanded 10 include many parallel wraps in each direction (.sometimes a* many as 15} The X-wrap itself then becomes the base covering for ihc button All of the wraps tn one direction are completed before beginning another wrap. You can use the method shown in the drawing below to anchor wraps as you go

Soutache Technique Tutorial

ITicrr are two different ways of holding the braid on the ttiold One mctbikJ is. 10 WtúVt llie braid lllWugh itself as the button is wrapped. The other is 10 use embroidery ot other decorat he stitches to hold the braid in place

Wrapped braid buttons: dock wise from upper \di. evening star, diamond in a square, square ioutache checkerboard. u\k bar. soutaefve checfcerbo*rd. chainette checkerboard, morning star, and in center. crossroads.

Soutache Tutorial

In i hts section I Illustrate sot sal different strapping pMltniv that use ihc ximc basic method You can eas« tlv invent other pattern*», such as mo-color patterns, which .ire attractive

Wrapped braid buttons arc bulky on (he Imck and require you to make a self-shank. which will also secutr the wraps in plate Turn iltc button oxer to the bark I'ass t"hc braid over. then under ihc last six wraps, as show n in ihc drawing bekvw. Next, go over and catch the braid just More, it pa»e.s over the six wraps Pull snugly so that ihc six wraps hunch up in the ccnter back Now go under the diagonal wrap below the six wrap*, and under the stx wrap* again W rap over and under the six wrap* a second ttme. going in the op posiie dir^tion, Cu\ the iai( w lu>re \\ <m*ftS* from tin der the stx wrapv Although the technique described

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