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Srtchcs ort back

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Double-spiral frog

The deco-rativr spirals in this frog arc formed from a round br aid and a round cord» which are looped together. The button and the loop are formed from «1 separate length of cord (or you can use the braid) and then stitched 10 the back of the spirals.

To make the bottom sample in gpld on p. 8 you'U need

  • round cord
  • round braid
  • loam board or cardboard
  • thread

To m ike two identical spirals, draw anil pin the pattern ail right to the board. Measure 10 determine the length of the cord and the braid and add 2 in. Hold the braid and the cord together, placing the cord to the inside of the bnucL jtid form the pattern. Pfcn the loops m position, slitch them together everywhere they cross or touch, ami stitch the cord to the braid as needed. Finish by stitching the tails down so that they wont show on the front.

With either the cord or the braid, make a ball button (see p 56-58V leaving long tails You may need to repeat each round of the ball button three times to make » large enough for the frog. Again using either the cord or braid and leaving cults* nuke a loop just large enough to go over the button. Determine the placement of the button and the loop, and then stitch the tail» to the back of «ch side of tlK frog,

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