How To Make A Sweater Frog Closure

Button Knotted

All kinds of commercial buttons work with frog closures, and many of the buttons in this book will work, as writ. Knotted braid buttons (see pp. 56-61) and beads are the most traditional buttons used with frog closures. But be creative A variety of objects can Ik sewn or tied onto a garment. 1 once saw a twig used for a button with a free-form frog.

The frogs in this chapter can be made wuh a variety of kraids, cords, or fabrics. The stiffness of the material determines the style of frog \\>u can make. For ex-ample« soft braids or cords can be coiled tightly into elaborate frogs, while stiff braids or cords will make simpler frogs. If you enjoy braid work, you can make braids using a variety of plaiting and weaving techniques. Or you can experiment with connmercial braids», many of which are composed of multiple smaller braids that can be taken apart and recombincd into a frog that uses multiple braids, such as the double spiral (see p 87).

If you can't find a cord or braid to match your garment. make your own Almost any fabric, from light weight silk to hcaw velvet, can be used to cover a core, which is sold in a variety of diameters in uphol stcry sections of fabric stores. To cover the core, cut bias strips of fabric in a width twice the diameter of the core: i.e., for a Vm diameter core, cut strips S in wnde. Told the bias strips in half lengthwise, righi sides together. and sew the fabric down the center into a long tul>e. Then turn the tube right-side out over the core.

Some frogs require a continuous loop, so you'll need to splice the cord together to complete the loop. To make a nearly invisible splice, push back the covering at each end of the core and trim I in. off each end, as shown in the drawing Mow. II the core begins to unravel, apply a drop of fray prevention.


Push covering bxk tnd mm con.

Push covering bxk tnd mm con.

SMc one end irrto The other, then Ap-sbith together.


SMc one end irrto The other, then Ap-sbith together.

I urn (lie cut edge of the covering inside by lying a thread around the cut end Put a needle on the other end o£ the thread Pass the needle down the center o( the covering near when: the thread is tied on and out of the covering about I in down Pull on the thread and roll the end in your fingers until the tied end slips down inside ihe covering Repeat fot the other end Butt the end< toother jnd dip-stitch them Always try to jdacc the «pike in the tnoM inc onspicuous spot as you form your frog

For rnany of the \u%s illustrated here, stroll need to draw .1 pattern on paper to ensure that bt*th hjlves will be the same size and shape Use a co|>y machine to enlarge or reduce a pattern to the size you want llace the pattern over foatn Iward or cardboard and shape the frog b\ pinning the cord or braid to follow the pacurtt. To determine lunv much cord or hratd you'll need, lav .1 tape measure on its side and loop it around the pattern. adding about 2 in. for splices

Skilled seamstresses can form and attach frogs in one step, but you'll probably make the Invgs first and appis them later sewing the frogs twice As >ou lurm frogs, stitch wherever the loops meet or cn>s* to l>old the shape temporarily Then 5cw the frogs on prrma nentlywhen the garment is finished RcmemlKi to sew ihc areas just behind the loop and jus; behind the button most securely T*>esc are the areas that receive .ill the stress when the frog is dosed

Looped Frogs

A variety ol frogs can be made bv looping cord or braid into a pattern. Stiff cords and braids work c* peciallv well for the simple, open designs of frogs because they hold their shapes

The four looped fmg* here are worked from the back, with the right side lace down on the board

Three-leaf clover Ejg

The tlutt-faf clover is oftrn commercially available but onlv in white, black, and metallic gold, and in linuted sues By making >our own covered cord iscc facing page) for tins frog, you can haw any color, texture, and size you want lb miifcc the scnip/e in red <zndgpU on p. WW'II need

  • round cord
  • foam board <ii cardboard
  • thread

Copy the pattern at the top ol p. 85 on a sheet ol paper Place it over the hoard or cardboard and measure to detetminr how much u>rd you II need plus 2 in lor finishing ihe ends Cut the cord and

ro Z

Make Your Own Frog Closure

shape it to follow the pattern, placing ihe ends at the center baxk to conceal them, and pinning n in position as needed Stitch wherever loops cross or touch, then stitch the tails down on the hack to conceal them.

For the button side, sew a button on the loop after the frog is completed. Another option is to form a ball button (as discussed on pp. 56-58) in your cord about 3 in. from the end, then continue shaping the frog from the rest of the cordL for ihc buttonhole: side, make a loop just large enough to go over the button you've chosen.

DouMe-loop frog fTCI

Each half of the double-loop frog contains both a functional button and a functional loop, Because the loops that go over the buttons are so large, the toggle button (set: p. 59) is an excellent choice for this frog. I he sample shown here uses a flat braid with a heavy thread along each edge When the thread is pulled, the. braid gathers up along the edge, allow mg the braid u> he formed into loops while remaining flat To sec whether a braid will do this, tesi it by pulling a thread along one edge to see if n gathers. Rattenbevg late tapes work well for this type of fri>g

To make ihe center sample In gold on ike fat ing page, yvHill htedi

  • flat braid with heavy edge thread
  • two toggle buttons
  • foam board or cardboard
  • thread

Looped frog*: clockwise from up per left, palmate, three-leaf clover, double spiral: tn ccntor. doublc4oop frog.

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