Single Crochet Stitch

Heirloom Buttons
  1. l".s*rt hock into top of svxch or >nx> * spx* m previous round. Wrjp Thread o\tr hock. Pui' thread through stitch or space .n prertout round.
  2. Wrap thread over hook ígAltí. PúS thread through 6or/i taop* on hook.

C Compiled single crochet stftch

Heirloom Buttons

B. Wrap thread over hook ígAltí. PúS thread through 6or/i taop* on hook.

Heirloom Buttons

C Compiled single crochet stftch


  1. Mjkc sMpk/tOi to form /tot loop 00*00*.
  2. chtírc sr.tcnci c*\W for in tnstwetfons.
  3. Mjkc sMpk/tOi to form /tot loop 00*00*.

C Fomu cham Wichet into ring by mjúung stp sfifccfr ro toooecr first and U$( cfiifln sttoches. Insert hook into cenltr cf dhUfi rmg to work iOtchti v> next round.




Latty this century. Parisian prostitutes hunjj peart but tons from their clothing so that the movement at-trade J attention a-» they walked No respectable Parisian wniun *tmld ha\r used them on lart clothing! locLty. however, a riw of closely spac ed pearl button* tn rayon or silk makes a lovely closure for a weddt ng gown or party dress for bottom-ritfii sample tvt *hite on p you 'II need

  • 10 rnm wood bead or stuffed mold
  • silk buttonhole twist, <ize D t JO or 30 3)
  • surel crochet book

Rnd I: In Un>p ?itart (see drawing on p. 09), make 5 sc si st to join Pull tail to tighten center. Unci I ch 2 uount* as first scV -2 s. m earh sc* around. Do noi join.! 10 stitches) KitJs 3, 4. 5: • 1 sc in first and second sc. 2 sc. tn third around Weave beginning tail into inside of v\ork (13. 17. 23 stitches)

RnJs f), 7, 8.9: *sc* around. (23 stitches eachi Km I ID in first and <tcvond sc. >k next m:- around Insert mold.

Rml I J : in fitst atul second sc. next sc* until all studies are used

Ouster Buttons

I here are many different duMer . pull and popcorn type slitchcs that can be used to crcatc buttons. For larger buttons, you can either use a Lugcr hook, thread, and mold or add more rounds of duster stitch

Cluster lor sample in ecru ¿it ri^ht. wu'll need:

  • win (see 24"i commcrcial hall mund button mold covered with fabric
  • 80 crochet cotton
  • 14 steel crochet hook (U K #7).

Cluster stitch. dc5to>usc* draumgon p. 72) Rnd I ch8. join with si *t

Rnd 2. ch 2 (counts as first dc) |dc3tog. ch 2) 8 times in circle, si st to join tn top of first cluster

Rnd J. si si into ch 2 Ip ch 2 (counts as lirsi dc)

'Idcttog. ch 2| 2 times in each ch 2 lp* around si si to join in top of first duster.

Rnd 4 si st into ch 2 fp. ch 2 (counts as first do • i dc in ch 2 lp4 around join. Insert mold

Clutter, loop, and ring crochctod buttons: ckxkwisc from iefU Imh rove, florib*M>d.i arch, cluster.

Drawing Bead Crochet


4. Ortf cfaun sütchcs o^prevtous round, make for Coofcte crocncr mctes. tawwy ¿tsr focv of0'oufafc (rocht* on hook.

B. Wr jp thread over book ana pjti through aD >©op$ on hook.

Loop Buttons

Irish rose was one of the most elaborate of the Fd-wardian crocheted buttons. Most buttons in this style appear u» have been made by a seamstress or a woman at home following patterns published In women s magazine* of the time. Instructions for an Insh-iose button and several other similar ones were printed in the April 1903 Issue of PrlinaHor, a fashion magazine that included paper patterns in each issue.

One feature ol Irish cr«x:hct that's u**d in buttons ts multiple layers of crochet I he rose petals an* formed by working stitches with Increasing height to the center ol the petal and thru working mirror-image dr-crejistng-hcight stitches A loop is formed behind tine petal over which the petal of the next round is worked.

Irish rose


Ivr utmplcs in Mur cm p 7J, you'll need

  • Vin (size 36) commercial half-round button mold covered with fabrk
  • 80 crochet cotton
  • H steel crochet hook {UK #7).
Hopi Design Crochet Www Gamstudio Com


A. UVrjp rftrtjd overtook andfuarr/kx* crío o/ tttoûh or through loop ¿n prwou i round-

g PiAl hook rhroitfb rtrv! rwo »oopj oc hoc*. Wrjp r.lm>d ovrrhook.


g. wrv rtrwd öv<v noa* .wipdfl rwa m'tfogn- mm <y loop in ptvkxii row Wrtp dwmd Oi*r fvoo*

ftArf Aööfc ttoúifgS ¿a hopi ofthoók


Ring Buttons

The brtc Vkmnan-cra bbek crocheted buttons rwarfy id-way* Incorporated mcial tings, which stabilized portions of liic pattern on the hunon mold so tluit the design rerruincd rrcogniiahlc. Many different ring shape* were used. Round in many <izd wvrp the mo«*l common, but square, oval diamond, and heart-shaped ring* were aUo used Multiple ring* wer* lectured In some of the more elaborate b'jttotiv

The metal rings wvtl- covered with sinj>lr crochet *otchc*, as sliown in the tlxawmg folow. Sometime* (he same single crochet stitch« also anight loops or bullion stitches from previous rounds to hold them In plate The overall look is very formal

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