Back And Fronts

With 2/4mm (No 13/US 1) needles and A. cast on 140(156:176) sts.

Change to 23/>mm (No 12/US 2) needles and stripe patt. K 2 rows B, 2 rows C, 4 rows D, 6 rows E, 4 rows F, 2 rows G, 4 rows H and 4 rows A.

Cont straight in gst until work measures 15(17:19)cm/6(6%:71/£)in from cast-on edge, ending with a wrong side row. Divide for Back and Fronts

Next row K35(39:44), leave these sts on a holder for Right Front, k next 70(78:88), leave these sts on a holder for Back, k to end. Left Front

Work straight on last set of 35(39:44) sts until Front measures 22(25:27)crrV8%(9%:10/£)in from cast-on edge, ending at neck edge.

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