With 4mm (No 8/US 6) needles cast on 80 sts.

Work in gst (every row k) until Pocket measures 35cm/13^┬╗in from cast-on edge.

Buttonhole row K13, [cast off 2, k until there are 24 sts on needle] twice, cast off 2, k to end.

Next row K to end, casting on 2 sts over those cast off in previous row.

Cast off, placing marker between 52nd and 53rd sts. TO MAKE UP

See page 6 for Basic Instructions on making up Denim yam. Place cast-on edge of Pocket just above garter st edging of main part centrally and sew in position. Beginning at marker and stitching through both thicknesses, divide Pocket into two parts. Sew on buttons.

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